Chell PHP Portal first release!

After about 4 years of on and off development, I finally managed to get Chell to a stage where it’s suited for public release!
It’s been quite a ride and I’ve learned many things through this project, but also through building my expertise as a developer in my professional carreer. Some of the code written ages ago might not be my best work, but it certainly does the job.
Nowadays I don’t find so much time working on things like this, as I used to. Life happens, things change, but still I managed to finally push this for release.
It’s not been tested by lots of people (I believe I’m probably the only one actively running this in production) so bugs are bound to pop up. If you find any, feel free to post an issue on the Github page.

So what does Chell do?

Chell is a portal I build to aggregate the services I run on my homeserver. It contains widgets on the homepage to have a quick overview of the state of various services. Currently the widgets that are provided are;

  • PHPSysInfo.
    An opensource project that provides details about the system it runs on, such as current CPU or disk usage.
  • rCPU
    An opensource project that shows the current CPU usage in a graph.
  • Transmission
    A BitTorrent client, which has a builtin webinterface and provides an API for Chell to access.
    The widget shows the torrents and their progress. It has the ability to start, stop or delete them.
  • Subsonic
    A music streaming service. The widget shows the currently playing track.
  • Kodi
    The widget shows movies, tv show episodes and albums that where last added to Kodi.
  • Sickrage
    A widget for Sickrage. Since I haven’t been using this myself for a while, it might not be fully supported anymore. Testing and feedback is welcome.
  • Couchpotato
    A widget for Couchpotato. Since I haven’t been using this myself for a while, it might not be fully supported anymore. Testing and feedback is welcome.
  • HyperVAdmin
    One of my own open source projects. The widget lists the currently configured Hyper-V VMs and IIS websites. It has the ability to stop or start the VMs and websites.
  • Motion
    An open source project to be used for security cameras. The widget shows the last snapshot taken by Motion.
  • Speedtest
    Based on the open source project LibreSpeed. The widget has the ability to run a speedtest to your own server. It logs the details in the database.
  • Opcache
    The widget shows details about the current Opcache statistics.
  • Pi-hole
    The widget shows details about the current Pihole statistics.
  • Youless
    This widget consumes the Youless API to show the current power usage.
  • SNMP
    This widget has the ability to show statistics about SNMP enabled devices. It’s fully configurable what to show, and can for example be used to show stats of a router.
  • Verisure
    The widget shows the current alarm state and has the ability to set the alarm state. It can show the pictures of the security cameras and has the ability to take pictures as well.

That’s quite a list 🙂

besides showing widgets, you can configure links in the main menu to have easy access to various sites on your homeserver.

Enough talk already

I made a short video demonstrating my setup. You can have a look at Chell in action down below

Get it yourself

You can grab the latest release from the github page, or just clone the project yourself.

In order to make it work after cloning it yourself, you will have to use libman to retrieve the third party client libraries.


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