Chell 3.0.0 released

It’s almost 2 years ago since I released the first public version of Chell into the wild. The first releases had quite some limitations. The most glaring one is the lack of a prebuild container image. With the coming of the 2.0 version that changed, and Chell was released as a docker image on Dockerhub.

With version 3.0, the docker image was further improved. The total size of the image was drastically decreased, although in future versions I am planning to reduce this even further. Currently the image is still based on the official PHP Debian image, for the 4.0 release a switch to Alpine is planned which will reduce the image size further.

Besides the rework of the docker image, a lot of code has been refactored and various bugs has been squashed. Some of the widgets I can no longer support have been removed (Sickrage, Couchpotato and Kodi) and a new Sonos widget has been added.

You can check all this out on Github (for all release notes as well) or Dockerhub.

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