Youless added to Chell

Just recently I bought a Youless to monitor my power usage at home. Since getting a smart meter from the electric company will take considerable time, I decided to take things in my own hands.

Setting things up

Installing the youless is very quick and easy. It’s basically just aligning the sensor with the meter/dial. If the Youless is not plugged into ethernet, it will use the LAN ports’s green LED to give an indication how well it’s aligned. If it blinks quicker the alignment is better.

So when it was nicely aligned, all I had to do was plug in an ethernet cable. Since my modem is right there in the electrical closet, this was very easy.
The latest version of Youless automatically gets an IP by using DHCP. After that it can be accessed by using the netbiosname youless. Or if that doesn’t work, just look up the IP that your DHCP router provided.

Looking for a better interface

Since the default webinterface of the Youless is a bit barebones, I fired up the browser to look for an alternative. Quickly I found a nice thread on GOT,’s forum.

There’s a script listed written on top of PHP to get Youless data, and store it in a MySQL database. Now I have an interface to see the history in some nice diagrams.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

Onto the next step, getting things integrated in Chell as a dashboard block.

And like the title said, the webgui I found online for the Youless was an easy step up to create the block in Chell. Since the code worked quite nicely and is opensource, I just reverse engineered it to work in Chell.

So that’s it for now. It’s just the initial commit and Chell is still not done… (I’d have to do some boring documentation and install scripts which are holding the release back).
It also needs a bit of fine tuning but the first steps are taken. Interested? Go check out Chell PHP Portal on Github!

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