Remote control your android devices

Using Remote desktop apps to control your computer is nothing new on Android. Did you know that the opposite is also possible; controlling your Android devices from your computers?

Enter scrcpy

scrcpy is an awesome opensource contribution to control your Android devices.
As far that I have used it, it works flawlessly.
I use this mainly to configure my ShieldTV (setting up Kodi and others). Doing this behind the TV it’s hooked up to, is too cumbersome.

Scrcpy is super easy to setup. Below you find some steps to do this on a Windows machine;

  1. Make sure you can access the developer options on the Android device you want to control.
  2. If you want to control the device over a wired/wireless connection, make sure Wireless debugging is enabled in the developer options.
  3. Connect the device to the computer you want to control it from through USB.
  4. Download the latest release from the Github page.
  5. Unpack the downloaded file.
  6. Open a terminal and go to the unpacked files of scrcpy.
  7. type adb.exe tcpip 5555
  8. If you want to control the device wirelessly, now is the time to disconnect the USB cable.
  9. with the same terminal open, type adb.exe connect <ip>
    There might be a popup on your Android device, allow the connection.
  10. Now you can run the main executable scrcpy.exe

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