RDPMon (webgui)

About a week ago, I came across RdpMon on Slashdot. With all the vulnerabilities popping up recently with Microsoft’s RDP – such as BlueKeep -, it’s a nice addition to have the ability to monitor what’s going on when it comes to RDP connections being made.

I had a poke around and liked the functionality of it.

RDPMon WebGUI was born

The GUI of RdpMon is a little bit limited, but still provides a lot of details. I wanted this to be easier accessible from parts within the network, and so off I went creating a webinterface around it.

The WebGUI I made provides the same functionality as the WinForms application in RdpMon. It’s built on top of .NET Core 3 and since .NET Core can run cross platform, the webgui can also be run on any machine.

If you like RdpMon, you might want to have a look at RDPMonWebGUI 🙂


  1. Afrk
    November 2, 2021

    Hello. Nice alternative to monitor RdpMon. It is possible to add additional connections from other lan pc’s? It would be nice to monitor the RdpMon from all of your network pcs from one interface.

    • November 4, 2021

      Definitely possible, however this requires some work and quite a rewrite.
      Currently RDPMonWebGUI just expects the RDPMon DB is accessible locally. That’s not the case for multi clients.
      What I see that needs to be done is to have a service that pushes it’s data to the WebGUI. Ideally this would be done in RDPMon itself, to not have another running service just to push this data (RDPMon knows when there’s new data, so instead of storing it locally, it should do an API call).

      So that would mean most likely forking RDPMon and adding this capability. Rewriting the WebGUI to have endpoints that RDPMon can call to store the data. The WebGUI would need it’s own DB implementation for this, to have multi client support. It would mean redesigning the GUI itself to be able to have a logical view of multi clients. Ideally both a multi and single server/client (the current implementation, or something similair) setup would both still work.

      Sorry to report that I don’t see the time to get this done (it’s quite a bit of effort), but it sure is a good suggestion.

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