Pulseway update fixes OpenSSL problems!

Pulseway is a very powerful tool to manage your different systems. I like the tool myself, and use it in my home network. It’s free, so go check it out if you need some more control for your systems when you’re on the go.

OpenSSL misery

For the longest time now, Pulseway has been relying on a very specific version of OpenSSL (0.9.8). Any other version would just right out not work, and immediatly crash the service on *nix systems that run any other version of OpenSSL.

On older versions of Ubuntu server (the distro I always have ran on my homeserver, just because I started of as a noob) this was not a problem. Ever since I updated to the latest LTS of Ubuntu Server (18), OpenSSL was updated with it and Pulseway came crashing down.

Pulseway fixes version dependencies

No more though! Weirdly enough, Pulseway has silently updated their agent to work with any OpenSSL version. No mention on their blog about any of this, and the forums are filled with people complaining it’s not working.
I knew they were trying to push the fix in the 6.1 version of the agent. So every now and then I was checking the packages on their website if they released something new (since for me, the “Agent update” function in the client did not seem to work).

Today I finally saw they pushed a new package! So finally I have my beloved Pulseway setup back for my *nix machines 🙂

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