MediaWebPortal is a small standalone website that I created years ago.

Back in the day I was still running MediaPortal as my go to HTPC solution. Since I wanted an easy way to navigate the web with a remote or keyboard, I created a quicklaunch for website links. That way I could launch FireFox in fullscreen mode and have this website as my homepage. After starting FireFox from MediaPortal I could then easily navigate by remote to the website I wanted.

Since I wanted to make it as easy as possible for people to run this by themselves, I dropped the requirement to run this on a webserver. The whole project can be run just by double clicking the index.html. All logic is done in jQuery, no serverside programming languages are used.

You can find the original thread on the MediaPortal forum.
I hosted a demo of this little project on this domain for you to check out.
And finally the source is available here as well.