From Fiber to Online

A month ago, I got a notification from my ISP – – that they were about to get merged with

When I received that e-mail, I already was a little skeptical about whether or not this merger will go smoothly for me as an end user. Of course, like most of the time, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong, and the same applied to this merger, nobody asked for.

On the move

They planned the merger early Monday morning, which is a pretty sane thing to do ’cause by that time most people would be off to bed. My subscription was hauled over around 01:00 (1AM). I noticed the following morning, because I’d setup my router to e-mail me when changes to the network or the settings occur.

You might have guessed it, my router spew out around 15 e-mails, notifying me of all kinds of changes. I kind of expected as much (although I presumed getting probably 1 or maybe 2 of these reset e-mails).

By the time I woke up the next morning, getting ready to go to work, I noticed the WiFi was down on my phone. It wasn’t actually down, it just had no connection to the internet. The first thought that occurred to me seeing that early in the morning; “of course! They fucked up again…”.

Some investigation

So still having some spare time before I really had to get going, the first thing I tried was just blindly unplugging the router and leaving it off for about 10 seconds before plugging it in. My mind was not yet set to debugging mode, so I went with the crude solution which didn’t work of course.

Ok, next, firing up my desktop rig to try and debug what’s happening. My desktop, which has a wired connection, also didn’t have connection to the internet but there was a valid LAN connection. So it occurred to me I had changed the internal IP address of the router when I just moved into our new house. I did this because I was too lazy setting up certain things again, which I also setup wrong pointing at static local IP addresses, such as my Kodi library. I know, shame on me… I should have known better, quick and dirty always bites you in the ass later.

Getting things setup again

So putting 1 and 2 together, I realized these oh so competent people just reset ALL my settings. They didn’t just change some things that have to do with the VDSL connection, noooo, they just had to blindly reset EVERYTHING. This included the change I made to the router’s local IP address. So now the router was visible on the factory default IP and the rest of my network is in a completely different subnet. Making the necessary changes to be able to access that router, I finally got in and was able to set it up again.

After changing the internal IP, one of the other first things I did was setting up the e-mail notifications again, which was a smart thing as it turned out…

Three time’s a charm

You might have guessed it by the header… The next day, also in the middle of the night, they managed to reset the whole thing AGAIN! The day before, I even sent out a tweet to both companies telling them not to do this (I understand it ends up at some helpdesk, and usually that communication just ends up in a black hole).

So fine, I already knew what they were fucking up so fixing it a second time is not so much of a hassle. And so I did, till the next morning, which is today the 5th of December. They did it again… So I guess three time’s a charm (hopefully) and these idiots get their act together when it comes to constantly resetting USER settings! Keep your mits of my router please…

Because of this, the site experienced some down time. Sorry for the inconvenience, but also be considerate and maybe if you’d like; yell at @OnlinePuntNL on Twitter for me 🙂


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