CPU upgrade

This website is running on my homeserver. Since it’s running almost 16 hours a day, I want it to consume as little power as possible. It still has to provide adequate performance for the tasks the server has to perform though.

Back in the day – now almost three years ago – I settled for an Intel Pentium G3900. I picked this CPU for it’s low cost and relatively low power draw. Paired with a cheap H110 motherboard, the cost of purchase was around 150,- euro for the whole setup.

When time passes, the CPU starts showing it’s age though. Although still proficiant for most of the tasks, I was looking to upgrade it a little bit.

Scour the second hand market for a good deal

Every now and then, I scour the second hand markets online. Sometimes finding good deals on something I don’t necessarily need. A week ago or so, I found a good deal on a second hand Intel Pentium G4400. I managed to score it for just 15 euro including shipping!
I couldn’t resist making a bid, and before I knew it got a response from the seller. Within a couple of days it arrived at my doorstep.

It’s not a very big upgrade, but the higher clocks and a meg of extra L3 cache is still a bit of an upgrade. The power draw is a tiny bit higher in idle, but not much. I’m content with my little deal 🙂

Selling of my G3900

Now I was stuck with a G3900 I didn’t really have any need for anymore. So I dumped that on a second hand parts site as well. I decided to put it on there for cheap – 10 euro – since I’d rather have it being put to use than having it sit around collecting dust.

I figured if I couldn’t sell it off, it would replace my Core2Duo CPU keychain I currently have on there 🙂

Within a day I sold it. Now with the little money I got for the old G3900 my new G4400 effectively cost me 5 euro!

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