Apache Guacamole connecting Hyper-V

Guacamole is one of those tools that makes my home server so much more useful. I’ve been running Guacamole for ages now, and use it on a very regular basis.
It comes in handy with all kinds of situations, and it’s rock solid when it comes to stability. It can be a bit tricky to setup though, especially when digging into the more advanced topics, such as being able to access your Hyper-V virtual machines. In this post I will explain a pitfall you might come across when trying to do the same.

Guacamole’s documentation is good but…

There’s a pretty good section on how to setup Hyper-V (search for Hyper-V on that page) connections through Guacamole. Most of it is in there to get you going.
However you might have set this up like it’s described in the manual, and you’re still not able to connect to your running VM.

The crux here is that you might still have to grant access to allow connecting to the Hyper-V VM through VMConnect.
I used to always to this by ways of connecting once locally, using vmconnect.exe and supplying the username I would use to login through Guacamole.
When setting up my brand new machine I just got the other day, and having to go through these hoops again, I found that there’s an easier way!

There’s a PowerShell command that does this trick for you; Grant-VMConnectAccess. Just supply the VMName and UserName parameter in an elevated PowerShell prompt, and off you go.

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