2 factor authentication for remote logins

Since ages I have been using Duo Security‘s 2 factor authentication mechanism and like it a lot. It’s ease of use and offer of a free tier is perfect for my homeserver.

Especially since they have an API that can be easily integrated in your own projects. I have this setup for Chell and Guacamole, for example.

I never paid a dime to them. If you’re smart with how you use your free “credits”, you really don’t have to pay for the use of Duo when it comes to a self hosting situation with a limited number of users.

Just recently I was scouting around on their website a bit and noticed something I didn’t see before. They offer 2FA for SSH and RDP (Remote Desktop) logins as well!

This was a very painless experiencing to setup, as I’m used to from everything Duo Security is offering. The documentation is very good and explains all the details you’ll need for a basic setup.

For anyone using either remote control protocol, this is something to look into.

Stay safe, use 2FA wherever you can 🙂

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